Prove the Possible: COVID-19 Distance Learning Fund

Ensure Our Scholars Have Equitable Access to Remote Learning Technology

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Ensure Our Scholars Have Equitable Access to Remote Learning Technology

KIPP Albany Opportunity Fund: Technology For Every Student


The Covid-19 pandemic has widened the equity gap in education in unprecedented ways across our country. At KIPP Albany Community, we are practice persistence in overcoming inequities in education by ensuring our students are able to learn, regardless of the physical or invisible obstacles.

Across our four schools, we have made great strides in ensuring that our students have access to devices and connectivity while in school. However, Covid-19 has surfaced that access to devices in the home is inconsistent, and even in places where connectivity is available, cost is a barrier.

After extensive consultation with our families, teachers, staff, and learning from others across the nation, KIPP Albany Community has made the decision to adopt a robust fully virtual option for the first two months of the 2020-2021 school year. Supervised learning spaces will be available on our campus for students in need of a productive learning space during school days.

To overcome the barriers that disproportionately impact students from economically disadvantaged communities, we are fortunate to have the support of a matching grant from the KIPP Foundation to ensure our KIPPsters have technology to learn. With this matching grant program, we need your support to make the funds go further to overcome economic disparities to ensure our KIPPsters have all the tools they need to be successful in learning this school year.

Our engaging virtual instruction will be focused on small cohorts with live teaching as well as independent work, allowing for students to build those critical relationships with teachers, stay in structured routines, and learn a curriculum focused on strong academics.

How Can You Help?

Your support of the KIPP Albany Opportunity Fund will ensure that each of our over 1,500 KIPP students can participate in learning, whether schools are open physically or virtually. 1:1 access to quality devices, tools and connectivity will be key to access e-learning. Donate today to give the gift of opportunity.